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Be patient around roadworks

(Western Cape Government)

We encourage all road users to be patient when approaching a construction site.

Developing the economy through roadworks

Our road construction and maintenance projects are vital to the economic development of the Western Cape and South Africa as a whole. According to the South African National Budget for 2019, the public sector plans to spend R313.9 billion on transport and logistics over the medium term. This accounts for 36.3 per cent of total infrastructure expenditure during this period.


The Department of Transport and Public Works understands how important roads are to the province’s economy which is why R3,66 billion, the biggest share of our 2019/20 budget, has been allocated to Transport Infrastructure including building, upgrading, maintaining and repairing roads.

The cost of building or upgrading a road includes:

  • site investigation,
  • design,
  • labour,
  • materials and equipment,
  • relocation of services,
  • environmental plans, and
  • traffic management.

Approach roadworks cautiously

Road construction site

Approach roadworks cautiously

The flag operators in our road construction teams are tasked with helping traffic flow smoothly and safely around the construction site.  At times where there are no flag operators, road users must obey the traffic signs.

  1. Approach the construction zone with caution.
  2. If you are approaching a stop/go control, obey the flag operator. He or she will use hand signals and flags to show if when is your turn to stop and when you can go.
  3. When vehicles are in front of you as you approach the construction site, slow down, stop if necessary, and remain cautious and observant.
  4. Obey temporary speed limits at roadwork sites.
  5. The lane width may be narrower than usual and therefore more hazardous. Road shoulders may be particularly narrow. Be extra careful. Stay in your lane. Do not straddle the lines. 
  6. When moving through a construction site, keep your attention on driving and on other traffic. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by construction activities. This is dangerous and can slow down traffic unnecessarily.
  7. Watch out for construction equipment, workers, obstacles and debris.

Read more about how to approach a construction zone on Arrive Alive’s website

Road construction notices

road closed

Regularly check the Department’s website and Twitter accounts for roadworks notices so you can plan ahead. You may need to leave extra time for your journey, or use an alternative route. The construction company can usually be contacted directly for any urgent enquiries.

Some notices we recently issued:

You can also visit our interactive provincial rural road map webpage for roadworks projects currently underway to help you plan your journey.

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