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Be energy smart

With winter approaching we'll start using more electricity. The colder days will increase our demand for heat and comfort in the form of heaters and electric blankets. The shorter days and longer nights will see an increased need for the use of electric lights.

We’re currently experiencing an energy crisis and saving electricity should become a way of life. We need to become more energy efficient.

May is National Energy Month and the perfect time for us to reflect on our energy consumption. We need to reduce the burden on the national grid and create a more sustainable and affordable future for everyone’s energy needs. To achieve this, households, businesses and government need to work together.

Our Energy Security Game Changer is aimed at creating a more energy secure province by making sure that we have enough power to sustain households and grow businesses in the province.

How to become more energy efficient

Being more energy efficient means doing the same with less – using electricity more efficiently or in reduced amounts either through behaviour change or installation of technologically advanced devices. 

16 Ways to save electricity at home
Saving electricity means saving money!

Did you know you could start saving up to 50% on your monthly electricity bill today, simply by making small changes and developing smart energy habits in your household? 

Develop smart energy habits in your household

Start saving 10% or more on your electricity bill at no cost, simply by: 

  • turning down the temperature of the geyser to 60º which can reduce a household electricity bill by 5%,
  • showering instead of bathing,
  • turning off the lights in empty rooms, and
  • hanging clothes out to dry instead of using a tumble-dryer.

Adding a few low-cost items (in most cases for less than R500), you can save up to 30% by:

  • installing a geyser timer,
  • insulating exposed water pipes,
  • wrapping the geyser in a geyser blanket,
  • investing in LED light bulbs, and
  • sealing any drafts or gaps.

To see a real difference on your household electricity bill every month, consider installing energy-efficient equipment and appliances. Options include motion-sensor lights outside, insulating the ceiling and installing roof awnings or overhangs to shade windows. 

For more tips and information on how to become more energy efficient visit the Western Cape Energy Security Game Changer website

Follow these tips and save energy at home

The content on this page was last updated on 2 May 2019