Application for Sport Funding 2013/2014

(Western Cape Government)

Application for Sport Funding 2013/2014

1. The Chief Directorate herewith makes available the annual federation funding application forms for the financial year 2013 - 2014.


2. The application consist of the following sections:

  • Section A: Federation profile
  • Section B: Funding application forms

Form 1: Administration Grant
Form 2: Development
Form 3: Transformation
Form 4: Travel to National Championships
Form 5: Major Events: Complete only if hosting a Major Event during 2013 to 2014 (1 April 2013 - 31 March 2014)


Funding Application Form

3. Sources of funding available in the Chief Directorate are:
3.1 Development Funding
These are funds aimed at contributing to the growth and development of sport. The funds may be utilised for administration and specific projects that promotes development initiatives within the federation and travel assistance to national championships if it is taking place outside of the province.

3.2 Ad-Hoc funding
Funding for individuals who were selected to represent the national team (Protea Colours) competing in a SASCOC recognized sport event at international level.
Ad-hoc applications must be submitted with the necessary documentation a minimum of 30 days before departure. The report of this event together with photos must be forwarded to the Department within 30 days after the event.

3.3. Major Event Funding
Major event funding is to assist federations in hosting events of a provincial, national and international stature. Inter-provincial tournaments may be considered if more than 5 provinces compete. The report on this event together with photos must be forwarded to the Department within 30 days after the event.

3.4 Transformation Funding
Funding initiatives/projects with the aim of increasing participation, ensuring equitable access for groups such as historically disadvantaged individuals, persons with a disability, youth, women, and farm workers.

4. Please be advised that the department will engage in a process of Regional Sport Federation engagements where the said application will be discussed. It is expected that no less than 3 executive members, which shall include the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, from the federation shall attend the federation engagements during February and March 2013.

5. Please note that all applications shall be returned to the relevant regional office, where it will be verified and endorsed by the relevant Regional Sport Council before being handed over to Head Office in Cape Town.

Action Time Frame
Application closing date 30 September 2012
Consolidation of applications 30 October 2012
Federation engagements (Trilaterals) 1-5 February 2013
Adjudication Process End February 2013
Transfer funding handover ceremony April - May 2013

6. The application forms are available electronically and hard copy from the relevant regional office and regional sport council. It is also expected that all federations must be ready to present their 3 year business plan at the trilaterals.

7. All applications shall be addressed for the attention:
Nicolette Pietersen
Protea Assurance Building
Greenmarket Square
Fax: 086 514 9332 or 021 483 9666
Tel: 021 483 9819
Cell: 083 413 6082


9. Should you need more information please contact the following officials:
Head Office: Ms NC Pietersen 0214839819

Regional Offices:
Andre Enslin 021 8721337 (Boland)
Janine Petersen 021 4475582 (Metropole)
Dirk Van Der Westhuizen 044 2726165 (SWD)
Ronel Jonathan 022 7132727 (West Coast)

Regional Sport Councils:
Mr Elton Davies
Tel: 082 468 0081
Mr Dave Van der Walt
Tel: 044 272 2580
Cell: 082 773 4901
Mr Rudi Johannes
Cell: 082 862 6213
Mr Jeroam Arendse
Cell: 082 579 8802

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