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Africa Public Service Day 2015

Africa Public Service Day (APSD) seeks to celebrate the value and virtue of service to the community. In honour of all our women and men in the public service, APSD aligns directly with our Batho Pele principles. It's about real professionals doing real jobs, addressing real issues, which affects everyone. Public Servants

Across the country, through the Department of Public Service and Administration’s (DPSA) national programme, South Africans will celebrate APSD on 22 and 23 June 2015.

The theme for 2015 was informed by the African Union: ‘The Role of Public Services in Women Empowerment, Innovation and Accessible Service Deliver’. The aim of the 2015 APSD is to critically examine the role of public services in women empowerment and its expected impacts on African Development Agenda 2063.

The key messages of APSD 2015 are to:

  • reflect on the function of the public service, its mission, and objectives, programmes, and projects, successes and challenges,
  • give recognition to and make known the importance of civil service, its positive contribution and benefits to public servants, the population, civil society, private sector and governments,
  • act as a platform to reflect and share practical recommendations on women empowerment in public service nationally and across the continent,
  • equipping public servants to promote values such as professionalism, accountability, responsiveness, ethics and performance in service delivery.
  • motivate and encourage public servants to continue the good work done, and to come up with new initiatives and innovations to promote African development, and
  • prepare the public service and administration for a better future by proposing change for the social well-being of the population.

APSD celebrations across the country will highlight the role played by women in the frontline of service delivery, and showcase best practices in ensuring quality access and empowerment of citizens. It will also help us to explore, share knowledge and experience about the new innovations, policies and practices for rejuvenating public administration, and efficient service delivery of public services for our communities.

This year we recommit ourselves to making public service in the Western Cape better for all by supporting and helping to build a generation of women leaders who’ll invest in their communities, provide leadership in their local governments, and change the way provincial and national solutions are forged. 

Changing the lives of our citizens

We love and appreciate positive feedback from those we serve on a daily basis. Here are some of those stories of how we strive to make the lives of our citizens Better Together: Helping citizens

‘I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly service I received at the Durbanville Clinic. I was assisted by a sister called Queeny, her passion and love for what she does was so apparent to me. She was friendly, very caring, informative and even made time for some light humour. Please make sure that Queeny is recognised for what she brings to the public health service as she deserves to be praised for her effort!’ - Yolandi Verster.

‘The Paarl Home Affairs office has one of the best services. Every time I visit the office I get good service. This past Saturday was my second visit to the office and I received a quick and convenient service. I do not want to mention officials because according to my observation they work as a team. Keep it up guys.’ – Melissa Jones.

‘I would like to place on record the excellent treatment I received from the medical staff at Tygerberg Hospital. I was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukaemia but now, after completing my treatment in such an excellent and professional manner, I am well on my road to recovery. I found that I was treated with dignity and respect from all of the people mentioned above.’ – C.C Sewjuggath.

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