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Africa Day 2015

africa_day.jpg Africa Day is celebrated annually on 25 May throughout the world to commemorate the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (now African Union) in 1963.

The celebrations reinforce African solidarity and unity in diversity, and also highlight creativity, challenges and successes, as well as the cultural and economic potential of the continent.

It's also a platform for our continent to build stronger networks and partnerships at various levels across national and international boundaries.

As part of our Africa Day celebrations and campaign against xenophobia, we're encouraging you to acknowledge that together we can build a continent where everyone can live lives they value while always respecting each other’s rights.

Celebrating Africa Day

Over the past four years, we have celebrated Africa Day by bringing together local businesses interested in the African market to exchange ideas and opportunities.

The celebrations also included cultural performances, African food tastings, country exhibitions and stage productions paying tribute to the continent’s rich and unique heritage.

These celebrations promote trade, tourism and investment, and encourage a sense of unity and ubuntu.

Our International Relations Strategy identifies Africa as a key partner for development.

Last month Premier Helen Zille and Minister of Economic Opportunities Alan Winde led a business delegation to Angola to promote tourism, trade and investment opportunities between Luanda and the Western Cape.

In June the Premier will be meeting African leaders during the World Economic Forum (Africa) being hosted in Cape Town.

As part of the international relations strategy to increase trade and investment opportunities with other African countries, the Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism met organisations in Ghana and Nigeria (with plans to expand elsewhere) to explore possibilities for partnerships on the African Incubator Project, which drives job creation and economic growth by facilitating market access and business support programmes for Western Cape businesses expanding into Africa.

Get involved

This year our Africa Day celebrations on Monday 25 May will include Afrinead's research and action programmes for Africans living with disabilities, as well as Wesgro's Young African Entrepreneurs programme.

The discussions will be followed by the “African Journeys of Excellence” dialogues at the Artscape, which will take the TEDx format. This free event runs from 6pm to 9.30pm and is open to the public (Note: tickets are sold out, but names can be registered on the waiting list).

The event will showcase excellence and innovation in African research and practice from a range of areas that are important to the social and economic development of the continent. The areas to be covered include health, education, science, and information and communication technologies. 

Visit the TedxTableMountain website for more information on the selected speakers.   

The talks will be available on YouTube after the event. You can also tag your social media posts by using #WeAreAfrica and follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Our responsibility

Africa Day reminds us about our achievements and opportunities, and encourages us to strive to improve our continent every day. We should treat every individual with respect and dignity regardless of their race, country of origin or beliefs, and strive to promote and create an equal opportunity society for all.

If we stand together as one, we can instil a sense of pride and make Africa BetterTogether.

The content on this page was last updated on 25 May 2015