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(The Government of South Africa)

10 Reasons for Supporting Immunisation

(The Government of South Africa)
  1. Polio and measles are highly infectious diseases that are life-threatening and often result in long-term damage and disability.

  2. Immunisation is a highly effective, affordable way to combat these diseases and protect all our children.

  3. Immunisation is also very safe. The risk of an allergic reaction is very much smaller than for most other medicines. It hardly ever occurs.

  4. Mass campaigns pick up the children that have missed some of their visits to the clinic for immunisation. In this way more children are protected.

  5. You cannot over immunise a child. Even fully immunised children get extra benefit form mass immunisation campaigns.

  6. The threat of polio and measles remains a real one. Although South Africa has not experienced polio for years, it is still a problem in many countries and could be imported by a visitor.

  7. Many of our children are HIV-positive and they are especially vulnerable to infectious diseases. It is extra important to immunise them.

  8. Immunisation is a social responsibility. We can only create a measles- and polio-free environment if all children are immunised.

  9. Many countries are completely polio-free. South Africa is close to being recognised as polio-free by the World Health organisation. An outbreak would ruin years of hard work towards this.

  10. It is possible to eradicate diseases globally. Immunisation enabled us to triumph over smallpox. A polio-free world is a very real possibility. Let us join hands with other nations to achieve this.

The content on this page was last updated on 15 March 2014