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Annual Cultural Awards

17 February 2011

Arts, Culture, Heritage, Language, Libraries, Museums and Archives - these are the fibres of the fabric that define our identity, the practices that create images from words, and the services, which preserve the history of our origins, development and wisdom. The terms, 'Culture' and 'Heritage' have different meanings to different people. For some, their culture is expressed through their language, religion, customs, or behaviour, for others, through their dress, artwork, dance or jewellery. Our culture is also a significant part of our heritage, which is passed down through generations, or preserved in a physical structure, place, or celebration. The arts are equally important and provide the medium with which to capture and display our culture and heritage. The arts give us the opportunity for creative expression, educational development, the sharing of knowledge and the freedom to make our voices heard.

There is no doubt about the role played by arts and culture in the creation of social cohesion and the will to be recognised and celebrated, with a history as rich as South Africa's.

These abovementioned awards are about recognising those individuals who have contributed to their culture, arts, language, and heritage, or played a role through being involved in libraries, museums and archives services. These awards are about celebrating you and all you have done to develop and enrich the communities and cultural landscape of the Western Cape.

A very proud Dr Ivan Meyer, Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport mentioned on 11 February 2011 at Kronenberg Estate, where this annual flagship event was hosted, that it is through the continued commitment of the people of the Western Cape that DCAS is able to to uplift our communities, the Western Cape and South Africa to become a richer nation.

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