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SWD Sport Funded for Shining over the Years

18 April 2012

Sport federations who are willing to work together and engage in meaningful partnerships with the community and other role players deserve to be supported. The Provincial Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Dr Ivan Meyer, emphasised on this important concept at an event at the Old Municipal Building in Mossel Bay on 13 April 2012 when various sport codes in the Southern Western District (SWD) were funded by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS).

Not only did DCAS thank all 23 federations for their dedication and hard work during the past, the department also availed R635 000 in development funding to the federations and another R150 000 for major sporting events.

Over the years, sport has been growing rapidly in this district and Dr Meyer is pleased with the development of sport here, stating that they are worthy of the funds. He singled out the leadership roles of the federations as inspirational, saying that communities need good leaders who can lead by example, whether it is in sports or in any other form.

He also added that many top athletes from SWD excelled at major sporting events and that the future looks indeed bright for this district. He used Louis Oosthuizen, professional golfer, as an example, who's originally from the Southern Cape.

Chief Director of Sport and Recreation at DCAS, Adv Lyndon Bouah, said in his address speech that "we believe that the earlier sport federations receive funding, the sooner programmes can be delivered to the broader sport community of SWD". He said in total an amount of R3.9 million will be transferred to sport federations across the province after the process of consultation with the federations.

The Mayor of Mossel Bay, Alderwoman Mrs Marie Ferreira, said that sport has a positive impact on community development and binding everyone together from different cultures and backgrounds. "To be involved in sport is not only essential to your health but it also plays a significant role in ensuring that the youth don't get involved in crime and drugs."

She also praised all of the federations, especially the smaller ones such as baseball and badminton, for their support and role that they are playing in the district by reaching out to the community and for making a big difference.

She said it's important that "we bind hands", meaning the federations should always keep that working relationship with the community alive. "That link between the federations and the role players are of utmost importance to make a difference," said Alderwoman Ferreira.

This financial injection will be useful to many federations, who have proved again that with a bit of courage, teamwork and determination, you can overcome all obstacles and DCAS fully supports them.

SWD federations that recieved funding:
SC Bowls
SC Cycling
SC Golf (Men)
SC Golf (Women)
SKGODU (Domino Union)
SWD Aquatics
SWD Athletics
SWD Baseball
SWD Biathlon
SWD Chess
SWD Cricket Board
SWD Dmajorettes Ass
SWD Hockey
SWD Indoor Cricket
SWD Jukskei
SWD Karate
SWD Lifesaving
SWD Netball
SWD Posduif Unie
SWD Rugby
SWD Sailing
SWD Badminton

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