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Library Service Celebrates 60 Years

30 July 2015

On Thursday, 20 July 2015, the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport’s Library Service celebrated 60 years of existence.

Guests arrived to a historical display that showed how the Library Service had evolved throughout the years. One of the guests was former Director Johan Swiegelaar, who gave an interesting talk on the history of the Library Service. It was clear that his passion for libraries still lives on.

Nomaza Dingayo, current Director of Library Service, spoke about the overall picture at Library Service now and how the nature of their work is changing as we move into a time where digital media plays a bigger role in the distribution of books.

The focus of the celebrations was on acknowledging how far the service had come over the years. Head of Department Brent Walters said that the Library Service has developed into what it is today because of the hard work of all staff members – past and present. “The Library Service is standing on the shoulder of giants. Thank you to everyone who has contributed through their work.” he said.

Minister Anroux Marais emphasised the importance of libraries in children’s education. “We must foster a love of reading for children and you are helping to do that through your work. Congratulations on 60 years of service excellence.” she said.

As part of the celebrations, Minister Marais also unveiled new photos of all the Directors (past and present) of Library Services and then a birthday cake was cut for all guests to enjoy.

DCAS offers communities well-stocked libraries. Community members should support their library in order for them to continue their work. Let us create well-read, knowledgeable communities BETTER TOGETHER.

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