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Netball Comes Alive at Clanwilliam SuperSpar Tournament

30 July 2013

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) and the Clanwilliam Netball Club hosted the 39th Super Spar Clanwilliam Netball Tournament at the Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium from 26 to 27 July 2013.

Hundreds of netball players from across the Western Cape representing their regions, clubs and schools showcased their talent and skills in the annual event.

Speaking at the opening of the event, the Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport Dr Ivan Meyer said this tournament is promoting netball on the West Coast, thus contributing to the DCAS vision of a “netball revolution” in the province. “It’s fantastic to see this revolution is now coming alive in the rural areas, where opportunities to compete are often limited. This indeed lifts the profile of netball on the West Coast, as well in the province,” he said.

The Minister presented a Ministerial Award to Ms Kosie van der Meyer, a 2011 Western Cape Sport Legend, for her continuous contribution to netball on the West Coast and for hosting such a prestigious event.

Dr Meyer also thanked Spar for their support to netball on national level and, more importantly, on local level. “We are committed to work with partners to promote and develop netball in the province, which enables us to deliver outstanding athletes who can potentially represent our province, as well as our country at major events,” he said.

Ms Agnetha Jeftha of DCAS Sport Promotion said about 41 teams entered the three junior and three senior divisions. “The event created a platform for players to test their talent and skills. The netball revolution made it possible to zoom into the grass roots activities taking place,” she said.

This event showed how DCAS and its partners work better together to celebrate netball excellence and promote the sport in rural areas.

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