Family Killings in Milnerton and Beacon Valley | Western Cape Government

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Family Killings in Milnerton and Beacon Valley

17 May 2005
"The Western Cape is in mourning. Two family killings involving among others, six children, must cause us as a Province to reflect very deeply on what is going wrong in our society. If people in general, and children in particular, can be killed in so cold-blooded a way, then life has indeed become very cheap.

"This morning the Provincial Cabinet spent some time in prayer as the news of the Milnerton and Beacon Valley killings sank in. We understand our role in leading a process of moral regeneration as the only antidote to a society in which people cannot resolve arguments, disputes, disappointments and rejection by talking, by walking away, or by negotiation. Similarly, what kind of society do we live in when robbers already walk off with their loot and then still cold-bloodedly kill an entire family? Something is wrong in our soul!

"Government must do what we must do. We must limit access to guns. We must increase police visibility. We must make the criminal justice system effective.

"But there is a part of life, of family life, that police cannot patrol and Government cannot legislate. Out of the tragedies we see everyday must emerge a resolve to work together - Government, religion, society and families - so that we rebuild our families, our moral fibre, our hope and our ability to value life.

"On behalf of the Government of the Western Cape, I commit us to be an active partner in this endeavour and express our condolences to the near and dear ones of the bereaved."

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