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Premier Winde welcomes calling of PCC

21 June 2022

Media release: Premier Winde welcomes calling of PCC and emphasises that all remaining COVID-19 restrictions must be removed

Premier Alan Winde welcomes the convening of the President’s Coordinating Council (PCC) by President Cyril Ramaphosa, scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Premier Winde says: “Finally we may now see an end to all Covid-19 curbs, as I have consistently called for. But it has to be emphasised, it is disappointing that it has taken so long.”

The Premier added: “We want to see a removal of the remaining restrictions immediately, as our data clearly indicates that it is no longer required to protect our healthcare system. This includes the removal of all restrictions on gatherings, as well as the removal of the mask mandate. It is now up to individuals to demonstrate personal responsibility by using all the knowledge that we have learnt over the last two years.”

The most perfect example of the impact of these restrictions, and a reminder of the great potential of public events, was this past weekend’s United Rugby Championship final, staged at the world-class Cape Town Stadium. While it was great to see the stands fuller, many more Stormers and Bulls fans could have been welcomed inside had the restrictions been dropped earlier.

“The reality is that this could have been done earlier. In May and again earlier this month I had written to President Ramaphosa calling for a PCC meeting where the province’s latest health data was to be presented to back up removing remaining curbs. We should all expect far greater agility from the National Government if we are to get our economy growing and create the jobs we need to recover,” the Premier stressed.

Premier Winde will join the PCC tomorrow morning to make clear the Western Cape Government’s position in favour of the removal of remaining COVID-19 restrictions.