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Premier Winde calls on youth day

16 June 2022

Media release: Premier Winde calls on young people who are out-of-the-box thinkers and risk-takers to start their own businesses this youth day.

This youth day, I am calling on those out-of-the-box thinkers and risk-takers to follow their passion and start their own businesses. While this requires you to be independent, courageous and self-motivated – it is an incredibly rewarding path for those who also want to be their own boss and make a change in their communities.

The Western Cape Government will, in turn, help to support you, the future young business owner in our province, who has the vision and drive - to start your own business.

I had the opportunity today to speak with 25 young women in Bonteheuwel who are currently completing a community and skills development programme through a partnership between the Office of Councillor Angus Mckenzie and the Forest Whitaker Foundation.

These young women have put their names forward because they are interested in business and want to make a difference in their community, and it was fantastic to engage with them on their own business ideas, tackling unemployment and, ultimately, creating change in their communities.

Skills development programmes, such as these, are key to fighting what I often refer to as the second pandemic of joblessness and in doing so we need to prioritize the young people of this province, who make up most of our population.

I understand that many of our young people might not see this as a reality for themselves. You may have lost hope due to the difficulties you face whether at home or in your communities, but I want to encourage you to occupy the space, take a risk and know that you can achieve what you set out to – even if at times you encounter hurdles.

To support you on this path, the Western Cape Government has allocated R25.7 billion towards youth development for the 2022/23 financial year to empower you with the necessary skillset to thrive. These allocations include:

· R25.3 million, through the Provincial Department of Police Oversight and Community Safety, to Chrysalis Academy to develop skills including resilience and capacity building to vulnerable youth in the Western Cape through its 3-month residential programme.

· R32.9 million, through the Provincial Department of Finance and Economic Opportunities, to the Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) Skills Project which provides training and an internship programme to candidates to be absorbed into the labour market.

· R17.3 million, through the Provincial Department of Social Development, towards youth development which aims to provide opportunities to young people to build competencies and skills which are needed to engage as partners in their development and that of their communities. Minister Sharna Fernandez will further be hosting a Youth Cafe Expo for youth today for youth-at-risk.

· R66.9 million, through the Provincial Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports, to programmes focused on school-going learners and out-of-school youth which provide dual pathways into the world of work and study.

· The Provincial Minister of Agriculture, Dr Ivan Meyer, will also host a Youth in Agriculture seminar: A progressive Dialogue in Taking the Sector Forward, which aims to encourage young people to get involved in the agricultural space.

· The Provincial Minister of Infrastructure, Teruis Simmers, will further be signing an MOU with Merchant Bank, a division of Capitec, for financial assistance for the Help Me Buy A Home (FLISP) programme to provide young professionals with the choice of renting or owning or incrementally building, to meet their housing needs.

The Provincial Minister of Education, David Maynier further added that: “We must ensure our students leave school with the skills they need to succeed in the current and future economy. We are therefore prioritising skills education that will help students get jobs in the Western Cape.”

Having previously started my own businesses, I understand that there are many challenges in this space, but with the technological innovations that are available today such as social media, artificial intelligence, blockchain and much more – there are immense opportunities for our young people.

It is a very exciting place and time to start a business. That is why I am challenging you, the youth of our province, to take advantage of this – be brave and start that business venture you have been dreaming of.