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Real Estate Agents Should Support Green Initiative

14 August 2018

Premier Helen Zille is calling on all Real Estate Agents to support the Western Cape government’s greening initiative, by using the newly developed Sustainability Checklist for residential units.

The initiative is a partnership with real estate agents, who will inform potential home buyers of the energy and water efficiency measures that have been implemented in a home, and the potential savings these provide.

“In many regions across the world, the introduction of a sustainability checklist has enhanced consumer awareness and enabled home buyers to take resource efficiencies into account when purchasing a home. This is what we are asking real estate agents to emphasise during the sales process,” said Premier Zille.

“In 2015, we launched our Energy Security Game Changer, to ensure that the province has a reliable, diverse and low carbon supply of energy. This can be achieved through promoting the installation of rooftop solar PV, encouraging energy efficiency, and promoting a diversity of energy sources in the province,” the Premier said.

In 2017 the Western Cape government, in partnership with Pam Golding Properties ran a pilot to test the Sustainability Checklist and the feedback received was positive from both the buyer and seller.

“CEO’s of big estate agencies have already responded positively and have indicated that they sent the checklist to their offices across South Africa,” said Premier Zille.

The Premier said the current drought has taught citizens to be resourceful. There is greater public awareness of water and electricity efficiency in the home, and how these two are linked.

“We encourage citizens to download the checklist and see what measures they can install to become both energy and water efficient,” said Premier Zille.

The checklist covers a range of home innovations including rainwater tanks, pool covers, solar water heaters, solar PV systems, and forms of insulation and lighting.

The checklist can be found here.

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