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Information on the Leeuwenhof stream

12 February 2018

The ANC provincial secretary Faiez Jacobs has called on ANC members to go and collect water from the stream that runs through Leeuwenhof, the official residence of the Premier of the Western Cape.

There is a tap near the security gate at the Leeuwenhof Estate that supplies non-potable water. The pressure is low because of the drought. The stream off the mountain, which feeds this water source, often is low, or even dry, in Summer.

During the course of last year, the Premier requested the City of Cape Town to feed the water from this stream into the Molteno Reservoir, where it would be subsequently purified for domestic use. This work is in progress.

Members of the public are welcome to fill bottles from that tap if there is sufficient pressure to do so, in an orderly and appropriate way.

To be clear, the water available near the gate cannot be compared with the water from Newlands spring, for example. It is polluted water that cannot be used for drinking purposes.

The purifier used to clean it is currently clogged with silt as a result of the reduction in water flow and an increased ratio of silt to water in the stream.

SAPS will monitor activity at the tap and uphold the law if necessary.

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