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Media statement: SSA is wrong about use of intelligence services

13 November 2015

We note comments by State Security Agency (SSA) spokesperson Brian Dube that it is “clearly illegal” to use intelligence services other than those offered by the SSA (Cape Times, 11 November).

It is deeply concerning that the spokesperson of the SSA could get this so wrong.

There is nothing in the National Strategic Intelligence Act that binds provincial governments to using the exclusive services of the SSA on security matters.

The Western Cape cabinet had strong reason to believe they were under surveillance from the SSA. Written assurance that no spying was taking place could not be obtained from the SSA, despite repeated requests. On this basis, the cabinet resolved that software be acquired to debug their cellphones.

If you suspected the SSA was spying on you, would you use them to debug your cellphone? We had hoped the answer to this question would have been obvious.

In any event, perhaps the SSA and the ANC should explain why they have not taken issue with the Secretary of Parliament, who recently stated under oath that National Parliament had used the services of a company specialising in intelligence matters, Foresight Advisory Services Pty (Ltd). This statement was made by Parliament’s Secretary during the urgent interdict matter of Zelda Holtzman vs Parliament.

It is worth noting that the Directors of that company include former National Intelligence Agency (now SSA) boss Gibson Njenje, and other former employees of the SSA and ANC members.

The ANC, with the assistance of the Cape Times, has spent considerable time making wild allegations that deflect attention from an upcoming court case which may reveal links between top cops, politicians and gangsters.

The case may shed light on whether communities worst affected by crime, are being deliberately deprived of the policing resources they need.

Anyone who cares for the people of Nyanga, Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain would support greater transparency in policing decisions that affect residents.

The ANC has opposed this transparency every step of the way – perhaps this is due to a guilty conscience.

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