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Opening of the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital Ward B2

7 March 2013

Head of Health, Prof. Craig Househam

Chair of the Children's Hospital Trust, Mr Spencer McNally

CEO of the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital, Dr Lungi Linda

Media and guests

Value of public private partnerships
• The budgets allocated by national treasury to provincial health purses, are restricted. In the Western Cape 34% of the whole provincial budget are used for health services, but with the continuous growth of patient numbers in our province, this budget is not sufficient to maintain health infrastructure and provide quality health services.
• We need partners and we need partnerships to assist with the high costs of construction and medical equipment so that we can channel our available budgets to provide better health services. When it comes to children, the whole financial scenario become so much more intense.
•  An internationally acclaimed hospital such as the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in particular needs to stay on par with world trends and technology. In the Western Cape we have been privileged to have found a success recipe to generate financial support through the Children’s Hospital Trust.  Their reputation and efficiency to harness support for all the varied needs of a children’s hospital, have won them praise from investors around the world. They have certainly earned the “trust” in their name.

Ward B2 at a glance
• A patient turnover of 80 to 100 admissions per month with daily occupation of beds running at over 85%
• 32 beds and 5 high-care ward beds
• Patient intervention ranges from critical to palliative care
• Patient condition ranges from critically ill patients to very stable patients
• 65% -  70% of children admitted to the ward are younger than one
• 25% of admitted children are HIV positive/infected and 15% are infected with TB
• 50% - 60% of patients admitted require high-care monitoring and intervention
• Many patients are admitted from the ICU and have community-acquired pneumonia infections that require isolation
Benefits of an upgrade:
• Improved patient outcomes
• Reduce the risk of cross-infection with increased isolation and general accommodation space
• Increased emotional support to the children and parents
• Better conditions for children whilst admitted, as well as their caregiver who greatly contributes to their positive prognosis
• Less overcrowding and a better hospital experience (children are already highly traumatised)
• Better facilities for staff and parents
• Provide relaxation and rest space for staff, patients and families that is comfortable, child-friendly and attractive
• Eliminate crowded, stressful passages as sufficient space is made available for the entrance, upgraded ablutions, dedicated office spaces and a kitchen facility

A modern facility:
The new modern Ward B2 will house the following areas:
• Ward entrance
• 32 general ward beds and two 4-6 bedded high-care cubicles located opposite the nurses station
• 5 isolation cubicles to accommodate 2 cots or 1 bed, and fully equipped to manage high-care patients
• 2 additional low-care cubicles capable of managing 5 to 6 patients
• Offices
• Counselling room: this is essential for ensuring privacy. Looking after the family is very much part of the holistic approach of the hospital
• Communal areas: Patients waiting room, patients day room, parents room, physiotherapy and occupational therapy gym, staff tea and change room
• Bathrooms
• Working procedure areas: Examination room and medicine room
• Storage areas, kitchen and sluice

In closing
• Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital was opened in 1956.
• South Africa’s only dedicated children’s hospital.
• Plays vital role as “end of referral chain” for large areas of the country.
• Significant service in Western Cape and to other provinces, especially Eastern and Northern Cape
• Treatment to patients from other African countries.
• The opening of Ward B2 today is another step to keep this hospital on par as a leading training hospital, and help it maintain its position on the world stage of  paediatric health care

Media Enquiries: 

Hélène Roussouw
Tel: 021 483 4426
Cell: 082 771 8834