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Swellendam Municipality Update

27 February 2013

The situation in Swellendam Municipality must be put in context. During November and early December 2012 the municipality encountered serious community protests, which appeared to be associated with the administrative leadership within the municipality as well as political instability.

The aforegoing resulted in a collaborative intervention by the Minister for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) and myself as Provincial Minister responsible for local government. Through this intervention an official from the Western Cape Department of Local Government (DLG) was seconded to the municipality to act as municipal manager for an initial period of three months commencing December 2012 and assisted by officials from Cogta and DLG. The purpose of the intervention is to achieve stability within the municipality and to ensure good governance with a focus on sound administration and finances of the municipality.

Against this background corrective measures have been instituted by the municipality amongst others, towards attaining financial sustainability. As a result of the volatile situation at the time the Municipal Manager Mr Nel requested that he be placed on special leave. Negotiations have been entered into with Mr Nel with a view to his possible exit. However, the Municipal Council as the employer of the Municipal Manager will in due course decide on the matter and if indeed he is to exit the service of the municipality the terms and conditions associated therewith.

With regard to your questions I respond as follows: 1. The granting of further special leave to Mr Nel is a matter to be dealt with by Council;

  1. I believe that the support staff from DLG should remain in the municipality until the objectives set out above are attained; and

  2. The authority to enter into negotiations with Mr Nel, and any benefits deriving therefrom, lies with the Municipal Council.

With regard to the remainder of the questions I am not in a position to answer these questions as they relate directly to the employer/employee relationship. 

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