Annual Western Cape Nursing Award Ceremony | Western Cape Government


Annual Western Cape Nursing Award Ceremony

30 October 2012

Head of Health, Prof. Craig Househam;
Chief Director: Human Resources, Ms Bernadette Arries;
Director: Nursing Services, Ms Florence Africa;
Media and guests.


In promoting excellence in nursing within a value-based culture, it is imperative that nurses know and understand the role they play, in ensuring that we reach the strategic goals of the Department to improve wellness.

To this end it is important that the skills and competency levels of nurses be maintained at all times.  Educational reform must therefore ensure that skills and knowledge is aligned and re-designed with the current needs of the patients and the communities we serve.

 In addition, the educational institutions should vigorously promote nursing as a career of choice; this will prevent applicants from choosing nursing as a second or third choice of study and have a more positive attitude towards learning and authority.

A culture of research and development is vital in the analysis and interpretation of nursing information when evaluating the quality and cost effectiveness of nursing care, which in turn will improve outcomes and effectiveness.

Nurses must continuously endeavor to use their coping mechanisms, bedside manner assistance, tolerance, positive attitudes, consideration and respectfulness at all times. This will ensure that our patients are cared for holistically and student nurses can enjoy and embrace the assistance from staff members who are already qualified, ensuring informed personnel.

Time frames are very important in the hope of reaching the required end results. You should therefore strive to professionally and realistically manage your time effectively and efficiently. Remember your responsibilities also lie in keeping a balance between work life and that of a personal nature. Furthermore, you have to collectively harness a spirit for nursing, through healthy dialogue and with positive communication and mutual respect in your endeavors to make a difference.

The fundamental message to all nurses is for the rebuilding of the social image of nursing thus ensuring that you maintain your dignity as professionals.


We are proud to announce that we have made history this year with the incorporation of the Departmental Nursing Schools into the Western Cape College of Nursing as satellite campuses from 1 April 2012. It must be noted that this is in line with the Departmental Integrated Nursing Education & Training Framework.

Public Private Partnerships

It is an endeavor between the Public Health Sector and the Private Sector to coordinate all the aspects of the Public and Private Health Care delivery which will ensure universal lifetime access to appropriate, efficient and mutual support in accordance with the National Health Act.

This will enhance decision making and facilitate the implementation of mutually advantageous initiatives that will possibly affect healthcare delivery. It will create a platform to share ideas and find common ground as well as best practices.

National Ministerial Task Teams

Succeeding the National Nursing Summit on Reconstruction and Revitalization of Nursing held in Johannesburg in April last year, the National Minister of Health appointed a Ministerial Task Team with six members to develop a strategy and detailed plan to reform nursing education and training, and nursing in general.

Two managers from our province have been invited to be part of the ministerial task teams mentioned above: Ms. Vatiswa Makie, Clinical Training and Florence Africa, Positive Practice Environment and Human Resources for Health. It is good to be part of decision making on a national level, as this allows us to steer the process in the direction that we want nursing to go. In this way nurses are paving the way forward.

Nursing Roadmap for 2012

Our focus will be as follows:

  • Address burden of disease,
  • Improve the quality of nursing services and the patient experience,
  •  Ensure and maintain nursing management capacity and synergy,
  • Develop and maintain a capacitated nursing workforce to deliver the required health services


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