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Western Cape Provincial Parliament to Focus on Provincial Issues

13 August 2006
A special debate on government's reaction to the recent floods in the southern Cape, as well as gangsterism, the new Green Point Stadium for the 2010 soccer World Cup tournament and municipal matters are some of the important provincial issues that will be investigated by Members of Parliament this week.

The debate takes place on Tuesday afternoon 15 August 2006 in the Cape Town chamber of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament.

The Western Cape Members of Parliament in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) are visiting the Western Cape province this week to be informed of issues affecting the lives of residents. It is part of the NCOP (second council) of the national Parliament's programme cycle to visit the provinces every fourth week.

Western Cape Provincial Speaker Mr. Shaun Byneveldt says: "The NCOP is charged with issues of provincial interest and oversight over policy and programmes of government in provinces. For this purpose the NCOP permanent delegates will join their provincial counterparts in committee sessions to investigate various identified issues."

The Western Cape permanent delegates (MP's) are Messrs. Novello Mack, Freddie Adams (both ANC), Neville Hendricks (ID), Mesdames. Nosipho Ntwanambi (ANC) Denise Robinson and Helen Lamoela (both DA).

The MP's will also meet with relevant stakeholders in the province, like representatives of the local government association on problems facing municipalities in the province and issues they feel should be raised in the NCOP.

The appointment of municipal managers, progress in George and Kannaland, police brutality, land claims, the housing (department's) relationship to the City of Cape Town and the building of the Knysna by-pass road will also receive attention.

The joint committees will visit George, Knysna, Oudshoorn, Nyanga, Manenberg and De Doorns later in the week.

The joint committees will also have a public hearing on the Knysna by-pass in Knysna on Thursday 17 August 2006 at 09:00 in the Asmeeda Hall, Knysna.

Public input on the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Special Measures Bill serving before the national Parliament will be heard by a joint committee at 09:00 on Friday 18 August 2006 at the Legislature Building in Cape Town.

Speaker Byneveldt added: "The joint committees are embarking on this route to fulfil the constitutional obligation that all spheres of government and organs of state should co-operate and consulting with one another on matters of common interest."

Speaker Byneveldt says the NCOP is a bridge between different spheres of state and accords provinces a collective say in national legislation.

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