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Western Cape Health Minister Welcomes Doctors' Decision

6 July 2009
3 July 2009

Immediately after this mornings decision of the doctors to call off their protest action, the SA Medical Associations Western Cape chairperson, Dr. Mark Sonderup, called Western Cape Health Minister Theuns Botha, and informed him of the doctors decision to call off the strike.

Dr. Sonderup told Minister Botha that the doctors who met this morning to decide on the way forward, voted overwhelmingly for the suspension of all industrial action in the province.

With regard to the final wage offer tabled by national government, in terms of the legal process, the offer needs to be tabled to our members through a formal union process. Members will formally cast their vote by secret ballot throughout the country, and the final decision will be collated nationally. However, at the meeting a simple show of hands indicated a majority rejection of the offer, said Dr. Sonderup.

Botha welcomed that doctors took the responsible decision, in alignment with their ethical oath, and that service delivery in the province could return to normal. Doctors decided to demonstrate their protest along the channels and procedures available to them. Health services can get back on track.

Issued by: Theuns Botha MPP
Western Cape Minister for Health

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