Minister Furious and Saddened by Unnecessary Death of 12 in N2 Road Accident | Western Cape Government


Minister Furious and Saddened by Unnecessary Death of 12 in N2 Road Accident

26 July 2009

The Minister of Transport Robin Carlisle is saddened by the tragic road accident which occurred on the N2 near Keurboom Height in Plattenburg Bay yesterday.

He has extended his condolences to the families of the deceased and visited the only survivor in hospital.

"My grief is laced with fury at the callous actions of the driver of the Opel who robbed the lives of 12 people. Motorists who fail to stop when they are asked to do so by traffic officials will be treated like the criminals they are. I will use every means available to me to ensure that they taken off the roads and locked up where they belong."

It is alleged that the driver broke the speed limit and when confronted with his actions poured contempt on the very fabric of our society - respect for the law. If it is proven, this is nothing less than brutal, murderous behaviour.

8 of the passengers in the speeding Opel Ascona died when it collided head-on with a Volkswagen Polo. The only survivor inside the Opel is currently in a serious but stable condition at Knysna Hospital. Perhaps this survivor will be able to shed some light on this unfathomable tragedy.

Three of the four passengers in the Volkswagen also died in the collision while the fourth passenger, a woman who was eight months pregnant, died on her way to the hospital.

"Road fatalities are avoidable. It requires all road users to take individual and collective responsibility, ultimately the responsibility to ensure that we all get safely home each day. If we do this, we will avoid many road fatalities like this one."