Strike update: Western Cape Department of Health 27 August 2010 | Western Cape Government


Strike update: Western Cape Department of Health 27 August 2010

26 August 2010

Today the official percentage of employees of the Western Cape Department of Health on strike is 0.2%. That is 72 out of 28 067 employees.

Western Cape Health Minister says, To date throughout the strike, our health facilities have seen a deflux of patients, and patients are waiting longer to be attended to, but services could continue and we have been able to offer the full compliment of services.

Today, at the Mowbray Maternity Hospital, no staff was seen picketing outside. Everything was normal and patients were attended to.

Also at Groote Schuur Hospital and at Somerset Hospital in Green Point there were no picketing, and free and easy access for patients and visitors.

At Khayelitsha Site B Community Health Centre, services proceeded as per norm. All doctors, nurses and administration staff are on duty in the trauma unit, Maternity Obstetrics Unit, the ARV-clinic and outpatients department, and there are a normal flow of services.

At Tygerberg Hospital approximately 20 staff members picketed at the entrance of the hospital. The picketing did not cause disruptions at the hospital.

Staff members are only allowed to picket outside the grounds of facilities during tea and lunch breaks. During picketing times, there are enough staff members to assist patients.

Many volunteers have contacted the department to offer their services. At present facilities are coping well.

Issued by: Theuns Botha MPP
Western Cape Minister for Health

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