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Fire and Flood Awareness Campaign Promotes Safety in Vulnerable Communities

2 September 2010

The annual Fire and Flood Awareness Campaign, an initiative of the Department of Local Government through its Disaster Management Centre, has just been launched in advance of the annual fire season.

Theatre skits, one aimed at children and the other at adults, will be performed in areas vulnerable to fires and floods. The campaign aims to inform communities on safety measures associated with fires and floods in an educational yet entertaining way.

"It is important that both children and adults know what to do in the event of a disaster" says Minister Anton Bredell. "Being adequately prepared for disasters can ultimately save lives. We are doing this because our children deserve to live in communities that are safe from disasters."

Due to the effect that these disasters have on our communities and the environment in the Western Cape, the campaign, in its 5th year, has become a priority for the Department. The focus of the campaign is knowing how to prevent and respond to disasters and teaching both adults and children the emergency numbers.

The campaign will target communities in the highest risk areas for fires and floods throughout the province. "Our goal is to create awareness, ensure high levels of preparedness and to reach a large target audience," says Bredell.

This year, two theatre skits are being used to communicate messages to both children and adults. The skits will be performed at primary schools with the popular mascot Gerry the Giraffe and in communities.

Statement by:
Anton Bredell
Provincial Minister of Local Government

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