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WC Government shines light on province's LGBTQIA+ community

15 February 2023

Joint media release: Western Cape Government stands with province’s LBGTQIA+ community

Among the key values at the heart of The Western Cape Government (WCG) are caring and respect. In the work the WCG does for its citizens, including our LBGTQIA+ residents, some of whom have faced cruel prejudice, discrimination and violence, it is critical that we publicly demonstrate our solidarity with these communities.

“This is a government and province of tolerance and acceptance, which welcomes and celebrates diversity,” Premier Alan Winde added in marking Pride Month.

The Western Cape Provincial Parliament building has been “dressed” up to mark the occasion. Those who drive by the buildings at night will notice it is lit up in the Pride rainbow colours to show solidarity with our LBGTQIA+ citizens.

“Our LGBTQIA+ community still faces challenges. By lighting up the Provincial Parliament we are visibly showing our support and our willingness to confront unacceptable and archaic prejudices and discrimination. We will always support and fight for equality for all our residents,” the Premier stressed.

Speaker of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament Daylin Mitchell emphasised, "In line with the vision of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, in promoting tolerance, equity, diversity, integrity, dignity, equality, respect and justice, the annual lighting up of the legislature building reflects our ongoing support for the LGBTQIA+ community as we celebrate Cape Town Pride."

City of Cape Town Mayoral Committee Member: Urban Mobility Councillor Roberto Quintas added, “It is encouraging that here in the Western Cape and Mother City, our governments take inclusion, equality, diversity and awareness seriously and to heart. We celebrate our LBGTQIA+ communities, whether they are residents or visitors, and we are thrilled to be able to support Cape Town Pride and to use the seat of our Provincial Government to showcase the event and what it means to those in our Queer community.”

Wentzel April, Festival Director of Cape Town Pride 2023, concluded, “In light of the many atrocities within our colourful community, locally and internationally, the lighting of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament in the Rainbow colours for Pride month symbolises the support, recognition and respect we need from the Western Cape Government. It also serves as a reminder of those who have passed as a result of violence and hate crimes. May their light continue to shine in our hearts and memories.”