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Providing emergency medical care to all who need it

30 January 2023

It was a busy weekend for the Western Cape Department of Health’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) where their interventions in critical moments and prompt transport to the nearest health facility were in high demand.

Over a three-day period, EMS responded to 5 105- incidents, including 30% incidents of a life-threatening nature such as injuries, infections and obstetric complications. The majority of the incidents involved chest pains (790), weapon assaults (659), respiratory complaints (401), physical assaults (327) and obstetric complains (327).

The EMS search and rescue teams also assisting several people who sustained injuries while hiking, including two women on the Kasteelspoort Hiking Trail, Table Mountain and a man who fell on Chapman’s Peak. While some incidents that happen while on a trail are outside of a hiker’s control, the EMS appeals to them to hike in groups, not to wander off the trails, and always ensure that their phones are fully charged.

The EMS, with an escort from the South African Police Service (SAPS), attended to various incidents in the permanent Red Zone neighbourhoods, such as Beacon Valley (40), Tafelsig (32), Hanover Park (19) and Chicago (2). The EMS remains appreciative of the SAPS’ ongoing support, as this helps protect our crews and enables them to care for the most vulnerable patients.

Our emergency medical responders will continue to work tirelessly with the other key parts of the public health system by the best possible means to enhance survival, control morbidity, and prevent disability. Dial 10177 or 0860 142 142 in case of an emergency.