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Contingency measures in place to assist matrics during SANTACO strike

20 November 2022

We are deeply disappointed by SANTACO Western Cape’s decision to undertake strike action, as it will have a serious impact on our learners writing end-of-year exams, and our matric exams in particular.

Two high enrolment subjects – Life Sciences and Geography – are being written on Monday and Tuesday, along with a number of smaller subjects. 32 868 candidates are due to write exams on Monday, and 27 154 on Tuesday.

Contingency measures

The Western Cape Education Department is taking steps to mitigate the impact of the transport strike.

We have contacted all of our exam centres regarding contingency plans, and sent every individual matric candidate an SMS urging them to make alternate transport plans before Monday.

Our schools have put plans in place to assist candidates if they can, using alternative transport and hostel facilities where available. These schools will communicate directly with their candidates.

In addition, our districts have made contingency plans for matric candidates who are not able to reach their designated exam centre despite their best efforts. If this happens, we urge them to remain calm, and go to their nearest exam centre where they will be guided to ensure that they can write the exam. We have plans in place to ensure that there will be enough exam papers, stationery, and invigilators at all venues.

The key to the success of these measures is for candidates and their parents not to panic. The Department and our schools are doing everything we can to ensure that the exams proceed smoothly.

SANTACO should call off or postpone strike

But the best way for all learners to be able to reach their exam centre will be for the strike to be called off or postponed.

The Class of 2022 has had such a tough road to matric, missing lots of teaching and learning time in Grades 10 and 11, along with the added burden of load shedding.

If candidates miss their exams, they will only be able to write again in May/June 2023, delaying their matriculation and thus their future employment and studies.

While we respect the right to strike action, we urge SANTACO to delay the strike rather than risk delaying the future of our children.

Media Enquiries: 

Kerry Mauchline
Spokesperson to Minister David Maynier
Western Cape Ministry of Education