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#LightsOnAfterSchool celebrations across DCAS programmes

21 October 2022

On Thursday, 20 October 2022, Minister Anroux Marais, HOD Guy Redman and Chief Director: Youth and After School Programmes, Jacqui Boulle joined in the #LightsOnAfterSchool celebrations at Bishop Lavis Primary School.

The South African edition of the Lights On After School campaign, now in its third year, is focused on celebrating the work of the After School sector in supporting learner wellbeing and academic catch up efforts post COVID-19. Covid-19 has had a massive negative impact on educational outcomes and mental health. 

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport offers after school programmes in almost half of the no and low fee schools in the province. Today’s visit took place at one of these schools which boosts both an academic catch up programme under YearBeyond and a MOD Centre. DCAS has developed this unique value added programme, which looks at the holistic development of each child. Through incorporating arts, culture and sport and recreation into after school activities, the department creates safe spaces where youth can develop their skills and talents. 

HOD Redman said: “Today is a special day, we are celebrating our hidden educators both within and outside the department, and our NGO partners who are all helping to support children in so many different and impactful ways. Together, through our partnership model we are closing the opportunity gap between resourced learners and the under resourced peers. We are incorporating a programme that looks at the bigger picture and ensures that youth have access to various opportunities to develop themselves into successful, well-rounded adults.”

According to Minister Marais, “Today, we celebrate the work of our YeBoneers, who are fulfilling the role of After School Practitioners. Their investment and commitment to ensuring no learner is left behind must be spotlighted along with all the other amazing humans in the after school sector”.

YearBeyond through its various programme streams and partners are today also joining in the celebrations, through #LightsOnAfterSchool exhibitions at libraries, community activations and more.  MOD, the recreation, sport, arts and culture programme offered by DCAS in schools, provides learners with a creative and recreational outlet to express their passions and challenges. This is part of ensuring a healthy nation. In this way, DCAS is working innovatively to use all its expertise and link the various line units to offer youth more opportunities.

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