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Additional measures to ensure an accessible and fair Vaccination Programme

30 June 2021


In a concerted drive to bring registration closer to vulnerable communities, the Western Cape Department of Health has identified several initiatives to make access to registration and vaccination equitable.

One of such initiative is pop-up registration stations within communities supported by door-to-door registration drives. Partnering with stakeholders has ensured that where communities are in need of more information, awareness sessions are hosted prior to the registration process. This week, the team from the Southern and Western substructure hosted a pop-up registration drive at the Fairview Primary School. 


These pop-up stations were facilitated by Departmental interns, Danielle Wales and Ashley de Lange. An important part of the vaccination drive is aimed at educating, empowering and using the influence of young people to raise awareness and support residents to register. 


“I am always encouraging people to get registered for the vaccination,” shares Ashley.  “My own mother was not keen in the beginning but after speaking to her and encouraging her, she was keen. I find it so interesting to be part of this initiative and love the opportunity to support and help those needing assistance to register.”


“Through these pop-up stations we enable many people to access information closer to their homes and register for their vaccine easily.”


According to the Department’s Provincial Vaccine Dashboard, by Tuesday 29 June, 56% of the 11 029 residents over the age of 60 years old in Grassy Park have registered to receive the vaccine. These areas include, Parkwood, Lotus River, Pelican Park and Pelican Heights.  This is a good indication that our vulnerable citizens want to be vaccinated, but we need to ensure each and every citizen over the age of 60 gets maximum protection.


Judith Pelston, a 68-year-old Parkwood estate resident, braved the cold weather and heavy rain on Tuesday to register at the pop-up station. “I came out this morning to be registered so that I can get my vaccine.”  Mrs Pelston encouraged all those over the age of 60 to make use of these opportunities and register.  “It’s very important, it saves your life and the life of all those around you.”


It is important that we ensure equity in both the distribution of vaccines to the districts as well as the administration of vaccines. To promote equity, the Department has been implementing the following in several areas to remove barriers to access:


  • Vaccination sites have made provision for an increased number of walk-ins
  • On-site registration of those who have yet to register but who want to get vaccinated
  • Transport to vaccination sites for those who can’t access a site
  • In-community pop-up stations  and door-to-door registration drives, to boost registration in communities with low vaccination registration 


These arrangements may differ from sites and will be communicated locally.


With the additional mechanisms put in place to enhance registration and vaccine uptake, we encourage the citizens to make use of this support so we can reach as many people as possible.