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Home vaccinations for bedridden residents

17 June 2021

Mrs Freda Carol Jessman, became one of the first recipients to receive her COVID-19 vaccine as part of the Western Cape Governments Health’s home vaccination roll-out to eligible recipients in the Cape Metro.  Since the beginning of Phase 2, many residents have expressed their concerns for people over 60 who are vulnerable and have significant mobility challenges preventing them from attending a vaccine site.  It is for this reason that plans for mobile teams to attend to these home vaccinations have been put in place and are being rolled out as the vaccination programme scales up across the Province.

Mrs Jessman, aged 87, shares that in no way is she intimidated by the injection.  “Having had to visit the hospital on many occasions, I have become so used to having my blood drawn. I’m not scared of needles or the vaccine.”  Mrs Jessman registered for her vaccination on the EVDS system and after receiving her second SMS which directed her to a vaccine site out of her area, she made the necessary enquiries with the Provincial Contact Centre. She was guided to give her details so that it could be captured on a list for residents to be vaccinated at home. “It was so quick and easy. You have nothing to be concerned about, the team is professional and efficient. I feel fine!  I know that so many people are spreading false information, I however, felt I needed to have my vaccine as I did not want to suffer severely should I contract the virus. Too many people have died already.”

The ability to reach all residents in need of home vaccinations will depend on the capacity of the teams and vaccine availability.  Western Cape Government Health is rolling home vaccinations out as capacity and vaccine supply allows. We ask that residents please be patient. We reassure our patients that all efforts will be made to reach each and every one in need of assistance.

For any assistance required, please contact the Provincial Contact Centre on 0860 142 142 and your details will be recorded for referral.

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