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Groote Schuur Hospital Appreciation Wednesday hero – Chantall Stewart

2 September 2020

Chantall Stewart (36), an Administration Clerk in the Facilities Management Department at Groote Schuur Hospital, is among 45 officials who play an instrumental role in making a difference through the “Project Teamcare” initiative. She is today’s Appreciation Wednesday hero. The campaign seeks to give appreciation to ordinary heroes who are inspiring other during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a person who always go beyond the call of duty to assist others, Chantall’s personality and work ethic have complemented the “Project Teamcare” initiative, which was established in May 2020. The aims of the initiative are to educate staff about the risks of COVID-19, and what safety measures they are required to adhere to. “Teamcare is important at the hospital because it also assists to educate the staff, for instance, how to put your mask on correctly, practice hand hygiene, and social distancing. We also like to listen if any staff member wants to speak about something personal to offer support,” says Chantel.

For the past seven years, she worked in the division of the Facilities Management Department, which oversees all the access for staff and contractors at the hospital. She is part of the team that ensures the application processes runs smoothly, and that everyone adheres to the guidelines for parking and access in the hospital.

What motivates Chantall to come to work is her to care for the three children, with she lives in Goodwood. According to her, they inspire her to keep pushing, work hard and strive to be a better version of herself every day.

In terms of what the hospital management has done to accommodate staff during the pandemic, Chantall says, “Management has been very supportive during this period because they have an open-door policy to guide us and ensure that we are doing well. We are very grateful that management has put measures in place to deal with Covid-19 in an appropriate manner.”

As this is an anxious time for everyone, what message of support do have for your follow colleagues? She adds, “To keep pushing and shining through this difficult time you need to believe in yourself and never give up on your goals. To remain positive and to ask for help if needed, whatever the situation might be. We need to stick together and help one another.”         

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