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Minister Carlisle Gives Update on Knysna Bus Crash Investigation

28 August 2011

Robin Carlisle, the Minister for Transport and Public Works in the Western Cape, said the roadworthiness of the bus involved in the Knysna crash forms part of his Department's investigation.

The bus plunged off a low bridge into the swollen Kassat se Drift River near Knysna, killing 14 school children and their driver.

"On Wednesday last week, the day of the bus crash, Melvin Arendse, our Manager for Roads and Traffic Administration, requested all information pertaining to the roadworthiness of the bus."

"Arendse received a copy of the Roadworthiness Test Sheet from TJ's Vehicle Testing Station on the same day. We can confirm that the vehicle was put through a roadworthy test at TJ's on 14 April 2011, from 10:20 to 10:40 in the morning."

"The Roadworthiness Test Sheet says that the bus in question, CAW 37415, failed this test due to insufficient brake force and a loose steering mechanism."

"We can also confirm that the bus returned at 12:00 on the same day and was retested - this test took 11 minutes. The bus passed this test and its roadworthy status was updated on the eNatis system."

"The examiner at both tests was Eugene Labuschagne, the owner of TJ's Vehicle Testing Station."

"Since Wednesday, my Department has been consulting with a former employee of Tata around the company's braking system."

"As soon as we have been able to deduce whether it was possible that the braking and steering systems could have been repaired in one hour and 20 minutes, we will make an announcement."

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