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Minister Carlisle Lauds Murder Convictions for Jacob Humphreys

11 December 2011

Jacob Humphreys, the driver of the taxi in which ten children died on 25 August 2010, has been convicted of ten counts of murder and four of attempted murder in the Cape Town High Court this morning.

Provincial Transport Minister, Robin Carlisle, has hailed the judgment as "a victory for justice and for road safety, for the entire country".

"The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) must take full credit for having the courage and determination to forge ahead with murder charges. Increasingly, we are seeing the NPA take a firmer line with those who kill and maim on the roads," said Carlisle.

"The NPA's approach will enjoy the backing of the vast majority of South Africans, who want to see the carnage on the roads brought under control."

"There are a number of cases that I am personally following very closely where speeding, drunk and negligent killer drivers have run down children in the street or smashed the vehicles of innocent drivers and passengers from behind at high speed, senselessly condemning the occupants to an agonising death."

"We need these brutal, unrepentant killer drivers to be thrown behind bars for lengthy periods, or we will never have safe roads."

Humphreys' sentencing proceedings will start on 21 February 2012, and it is anticipated that he will spend substantial time in jail for his crimes.

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