Statement: Dam levels at 44% | Western Cape Government


Statement: Dam levels at 44%

18 February 2019

18 February 2019

The average dam level in the Western Cape currently stands at 43.59%. Last year at this time the dam levels were standing at 22.25% and dropping fast.

Anton Bredell, the minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning in the Western Cape, says the Karoo regions of the province remain in dire straits despite recent rainfall.

“There have been a few thundershowers leading to localised flooding in some areas. Sadly the thundershowers and localised flooding did not occur in the catchment areas, so little of the water ran into the dams. We’ve measured about 6 heavy cloudbursts over the past two weeks but each time it is very much localised and not widespread.”

Bredell says the rain and runoff water will help replenish groundwater levels but is still not sufficient to break the ongoing drought.

“The provincial government remains on the ground in the region providing assistance to the local authorities. We continue to urge responsible water use and request that water leaks get reported promptly. We also continue to urge the local authorities to manage water supplies optimally. This includes rolling out water management devices to large consumers and applying and monitoring adequate water restrictions.”

Bredell has also raised a concern about bulk water infrastructure developments in the province and in particular the Clanwilliam dam wall project.

“We are concerned about a perceived lack of progress on the Clanwilliam Dam wall and want to urge our national government counterparts to move with haste on these projects of critical importance. We remain on hand to assist.”

The average dam level in the Western Cape is currently 43.5% (2018: 22.2%). Dams that supply the City of Cape Town with water have an average level of 55.5% (2018: 24%). The Theewaterskloof dam is currently at 43% (2018: 11%); Voëlvlei Dam is at 69.5% (2018: 16.6%), Berg River dam is at 77.2% (2018: 52.2%) and Clanwilliam Dam is 42.3% (2018: 11.4%).


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