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Statement by Dan Plato, Western Cape Minister of Community Safety

10 May 2018

Statement by Dan Plato, Western Cape Minister of Community Safety

Minister Plato comments on Lamoer corruption sentencing

Date: 10 May 2018

Release: Immediate

The sentencing handed down today to former provincial police commissioner, Arno Lamoer, and co-convicted, brings to finality a regrettable stain on the image of police as servants of the people in the province. It is regrettable because a situation where top ranking police officials in the province could even be considered to be corrupt, let alone proven in court and sentenced to jail should never have been fathomable in the first place. This sordid ordeal has caused much pain and embarrassment for the dedicated men and women in blue who serve our communities with diligence under difficult circumstances and often with constrained support and resources. However, I believe the sentencing is the clearest sign yet by the courts that corruption and criminality will never be tolerated in the ranks of those entrusted to serve the people, protect all residents in the province and uphold the laws that govern our republic. The corruption sentencing remains a stark reminder to everyone within the police ranks that when you should know better, you should do better or you will face the full might of the law.

To any police officer, official or representative who still continues to bring the service into disrepute – those who choose to accept bribes, associate with gangsters and protect the druglords in our province, know this sentencing to be the final warning. No wrong deed will go unpunished. Even those in the highest office of the police in this province are not beyond reach to root out corruption and criminality in the police. I still receive too many complaints from community members about police officers being in cahoots with gangsters, captured by those with criminal intent or not serving the safety interests of the people they are supposed to protect. I urge the Provincial and National Police Management to continue cleaning out the rot whenever and wherever it is detected. The people of the Western Cape deserve an effective and efficient police service that can be trusted by all to carry out their duty beyond reproach.

The Western Cape Government will continue to hold the police accountable as is expected from us as constitutionally mandated through our oversight.

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