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Minister Carlisle Announces eNaTIS Admin Mark Roll-Out

20 June 2012

Admin Mark will prevent individuals transacting with eNaTIS if they have outstanding warrants of arrest.

Robin Carlisle, Minister of Transport and Public Works, has announced that motorists with outstanding warrants of arrest will soon have nowhere to hide. Going forward, the province will be placing an Admin Mark on the eNaTIS records of anyone with an outstanding warrant of arrest for a traffic offence.

Warrants of arrest are only issued when an individual ignores a traffic fine and misses a court date.

Individuals with an Admin Mark will not be able to conduct any transactions with eNaTIS until they have cleared up the matter with the traffic official who requested it. This means individuals will be prevented from:

  1. Renewing their driving licence.
  2. Registering a vehicle on their name or obtaining a licence disk for a registration renewal.
  3. Obtaining a roadworthy certificate.
  4. Transferring a vehicle registration.

Public transport operators, including owners of tour buses, minibus taxis and metered taxis, will in addition not be able to obtain or renew operating licences until their eNaTIS record is clear.

"We've already trialled the Admin Mark on the 100 public transport operators with the most outstanding warrants, and the results were almost instantaneous. Individuals who have flouted the law for years are forced to come forward. We're currently managing the process at Transport and Public Works, although we are in the process of devolving the capability to the municipalities, starting with the City of Cape Town. At this stage, the process is locked down via internal control measures, and we'll ensure that devolution keeps similar control measures in place," said Minister Carlisle.

"We've cut the death rate by 29% since I took office in 2009, but we have a long way to go to reach 50% in 2014. We're joining hands with the City of Cape Town to find innovative, proactive ways of combating road carnage. Legislation, awareness campaigning and using administrative tools at our disposal are some examples. Name and Shame and Crash Witness have created enormous public awareness, while the city's new campaign to impound the cellphones of errant motorists is a great example of innovative thinking. The Admin Mark will complement our law enforcement efforts."

"Avoiding the consequences and expenses that can result from being Admin Marked is actually very easy for motorists: follow the rules of the road and you'll have nothing to worry about," said Minister Carlisle.

"Any member of the public who has ignored a fine in the last few years should be concerned that this measure may affect them. I strongly urge them to establish their status regarding warrants of arrest immediately. This can be done at any Traffic Services branch or by contacting the city's call centre on 0860 103 089. It can also be done quickly and easily online, register and then check your fines. If you see fines that are no longer payable, this means a warrant of arrest may have been issued and you are urged to approach the Traffic Services immediately to resolve the matter. Also, you can pay your fines online, and avoid the situation of facing arrest. The Admin Mark will mean that you may find yourself without a valid driver's or vehicle licence, which could harm your livelihood and that of your family. I strongly urge all motorists not to get themselves into this position in the first place, by ensuring they follow the rules of the road," said Minister Carlisle.

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