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Minister Madikizela Hands Over House To Child Suffering From Kidney Failure

31 July 2017

On Friday 28 July 2017, Human Settlements Minister Bonginkosi Madikizela handed over a house to a Du Noon family whose child is suffering from a kidney failure.

This comes after the Department was approached by the family whose child’s condition deteriorated because of their living conditions in a rented backyard shack.

Doctors advised the mother, Shiela Bikhwe to find a conducive house in order to provide them with a dialysis machine. Without the machine, 11-year-old Inga’s lifespan, would be reduced. She has already had multiple operations. Inga is currently forced to attend school only two days a week. For the remaining three school days she had to get dialysis treatment, which takes three to four hours per session, at the Red Cross Children’s hospital. The hospital is willing to donate the dialysis machine to the family only on condition that the family has a house. This is for health and precautionary measures as the living environment must be clean and be free from germs.

Because of the family’s income, which is slightly above R3500, they did not qualify for a free government subsidy house. The only option available for them was a placement at the Department’s rental accommodation which they gladly accepted. Minister Madikizela handed over the three bedroom Sandrift unit in Century City to the family on Friday.

Minister Madikizela said when he was approached by the family, he took into cognisance the fact that the resources the government have are not enough to assist everyone at the same time.

“As government we prioritise older people for houses, but in cases of young people facing special circumstances, like Inga, it is necessary to make an exception. On a regular basis we hand over houses to a number of people who do not necessarily deserve to have those houses. We must find the most deserving people, like Inga. The fact that her life is going to change now for good is really what we are about as government, said Minister Madikizela.

He added: “I am excited Inga will be moving from a shack into a house, she will be able to do her dialysis at home, she will be able to attend school five days a week now instead of two days. That change is the most important thing for me and I’m happy we were able to contribute as government and see this change in her life.”

Shiela said: “Inga first got sick when she was six years old. Doctors diagnosed her with kidney failure. She started the dialysis treatment in November 2016. The school understands her problem and allows her to attend school two days a week. Everytime we are in hospital she does not want to go back home because the hospital is warmer and more comfortable than our shack.

“I’m happy Minister Madikizela is changing my child’s life. I understand there are many other people who have problems like me who need help across the province. My child will undergo one more operation now that we have our own house and Inga will have her room. We will now do dialysis at home and Inga will be able to go to school everyday.”

Inga said: “I’m very excited that we are getting a new house today. I will now go to school everyday and finish my work just like other children.”

Photos and voice recordings of Minister Madikizela, Shiela and Inga available on request.

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