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Four fatalities on Western Cape roads

26 June 2017

Four fatalities were reported on the province’s roads over the weekend, according to a preliminary report from Western Cape Provincial Traffic Services. This includes two suspected armed robbers when a minibus collided with a vehicle in the Touws River area on Friday evening.

Twenty-nine motorists were arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol over the weekend.

  • Eight motorists were arrested in the Caledon service area, 
  • seven in George, 
  • three in Worcester, 
  • three in Vredenburg, 
  • two in Somerset West, 
  • two in Swellendam, 
  • two in Mossel Bay, 
  • one in Brackenfell, and
  • one in Knysna.

Breath testing was performed on 1 061 drivers at 26 alcohol blitz roadblocks across the province. The highest breath alcohol reading was recorded in the Caledon service area. At 1,33 mg of alcohol/ 1 000 ml of breath, this is over five times the legal limit of 0,24 mg/ 1 000 ml.

A total of 85 speeding offences were recorded and 212 fines in the amount of R295 000 were issued for a variety of reasons, ranging from driver offences to vehicle fitness violations.

Highest speeds

  • 164 km/h in a 120 km/h zone in the George service area, and
  • 132 km/h in a 100 km/h zone in the Swellendam service area.

This weekend was another reminder of the potential dangers that traffic officers face in the line of duty. It is unfortunate that our officials and police officers had to endure the ordeal of having armed criminals put their lives at risk. Fortunately, these officers managed to make arrests and get out of a risky situation unscathed. They remain committed to making our roads safer for all.

Details of road fatalities

Date Location of crash Fatalities
Friday, 23 June 2017 Touws River area 2 passengers
Saturday, 24 June 2017 Pacaltsdorp, George 1 pedestrian
Saturday, 24 June 2017 R45 Vredenburg 1 pedestrian


Shorter, darker days, fog and rain during the Western Cape winter months hamper visibility and can increase the risk of a road traffic crash. Don't miss out on your future because you didn't see another road user, or weren't seen yourself. Travel more slowly when visibility is poor and the roads are wet. Wear visible clothing when you walk next to a road. If you are not seen on the road, you may not see your future. 

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