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Grape Harvesting Ends Successfully At Worcester Museum

22 March 2016

The Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) in partnership with the Worcester Museum presented a Grape Harvesting Programme from 1 March 2016 to 11 March 2016 at the museum.

Presented by the Museum Educator Brenda Matsau and the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) Heritage Guides, this programme is the third school programme offered throughout the year.

The programme is very popular with schools and is usually attended in large numbers, and as a result 350 learners from local schools visited the museum to attend the programme.

The purpose of this programme is to afford learners the opportunity to experience the atmosphere on a farm during harvesting season to know which methods are used to process the grapes. Nothing is discarded on a farm and there are various methods to process the grapes so that it can even be used out of season. Additionally learners were made aware of career possibilities in agriculture and learnt different ways of  processing  grapes.

Some of the activities that learners could participate in included demonstrations of distilling “witblits”, and baking raisin bread and “mosbolletjies”. “Boerejongens”, “Kaapse jongens” and grape jam were made from raisins and Hanepoot grapes to teach learners about the preservation of grapes. The highlight of the day was the grape treading. The learners got the opportunity to tread the grapes with their bare feet in an oak barrel.

Let us continue to use programmes such as these to educate youth and allow them to have knowledge about their cultural heritage and preserve it so that it will be conveyed to future generations, BETTER TOGETHER.

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