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Philisa Abafazi Bethu launches new centre in Grassy Park

1 March 2016

The Western Cape Minister of Social Development, Adv. Albert Fritz, today officially launched the new Philisa Abafazi Bethu (PABs) office space and centre in Grassy Park.

The PABs was established in 2008 in support of women and children, and offers a variety of programs specializing in victim support and empowerment of young women and their children. These programs range from skills development workshops to trauma support groups and afterschool programs.

The new centre is built on the grounds of our NGO partner CAFDA, and will provide a safe space for women and children who are victims of sexual and domestic violence to live freely and without fear. The centre will also support and educate women and children about their rights and freedoms, and provide support for women and children who are affected both directly and indirectly with HIV/AIDS.

In his short address, MEC Fritz paid homage to PABs Director, Ms. Lucinda Evans, who is a well-known community worker and social activist. The launch of the PABs centre comes a few months after the Western Cape Department of Social Development (DSD) opened its Grassy Park local office in August. Since 2009 DSD has moved from one Head Office overseeing 16 District Offices, to one Head Office overseeing an expanded network of 6 Regional Offices and 37 Local Offices.

The Grassy Park community has access to the services of 5 social workers, 3 social auxiliary workers, and 1 assistant Community Development Worker, not counting those working within our NGO partners in the area, such as CAFDA and Cape Town Child Welfare.

It is only through continued partnerships and adopting the whole-of-society approach that we can continue to see the development and growth of our services and those of our NGO partners. Now as the economy falters, and more people find themselves facing undue hardship, it is crucial that civil society, government and business work, ‘Better Together’.

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