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Register Your ECD, It Is The Right Thing To Do

19 January 2015

The early years of child development have been proven to be the most critical in any child’s life, for it is the period when children begin making sense of concepts and are able to acquire skills and attitudes that lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

This period has been recognized by scholars, teachers and parents as the ideal phase for the passing on of values that are important for building a peaceful, prosperous and democratic society.

As part of its registration drive, the Western Cape Government’s Department of Social Development is inviting all Early Childhood Development (ECD) facilities to register their educational programmes with the department.

Programmes should consist of ideas, resources and activities on how to facilitate the children’s growth and development. They should also provide the children with the enabling platforms to learn at their own pace in playroom and playground environments that have been prepared by an Educator to provide a variety of learning opportunities.

A facility’s daily programme should also include activities the educator prepares and leads, such as a story-telling time, singing and movement games.

This registration will benefit the children as they will be learning in an integrated and holistic way. They will be provided with the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

This call to register, is a statutory requirement, and there are consequences for non-compliance. Each programme should ensure that the children attending the facility are receiving the required level of education.

To register, facilities can obtain Form 16 here or from any of the Department’s Regional Offices. Citizens requiring additional information may contact the Department's toll-free number 0800 220 250. Alternatively, please find a list of frequently asked questions.