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Crackdown on Corrupt Cops Welcomed

7 November 2014

Statement by Dan Plato, Western Cape Minister of Community Safety

I welcome the arrests of 10 South African Police Service (SAPS) Officers for alleged corruption, through the work of the provincial Anti-Corruption Unit within the SAPS.

The arrests, stemming from the Unit’s investigations since becoming operational in September 2014, send a strong message to the members of the SAPS and our crime affected communities: corruption will not be tolerated.

I trust that these arrests will be backed with thorough investigations in order for the accused to face their day in court.

The Anti-Corruption Unit was launched by SAPS nationally in July 2013 and serves to not only prevent and address corruption within the ranks of the police, but also serves as a measure to change public opinion about corruption within the police.

Research reports, such as that of Transparency International, revealed last year that up to 83% of the South African public view the SAPS as corrupt. This large crackdown on corrupt cops will hopefully start changing this perception and build public trust in our men and women in blue, as many of them are hardworking, honest and dedicated to protecting our communities.

I commend the police for taking action against their own and their transparency in dealing with the bad elements in the SAPS. The SAPS Western Cape’s latest annual report show that 183 SAPS members were found guilty of criminal cases and 44 SAPS members were specifically found guilty of corruption or corruption related cases in the previous financial year.

It is everyone’s role to help keep the SAPS accountable. The public should report any wrongdoing, attempted bribery or corruption to their local SAPS, or to the policing complaints unit within the Department of Community safety at 021 483 4332 or

The police have a tough enough job as it is and any SAPS member considering going against their code of conduct and the rule of law tarnishes the reputation of the SAPS and the many good, honest and faithful public servants wearing the SAPS blue uniform.

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