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Africa Public Service Day

23 June 2014

Africa Public Service Day (APSD) is celebrated annually on 23 June across the African continent. It is an important date in the African Public Service and is entrenched as a strategic event on the African Union calendar. The day recognises the values and virtues of the service to the community and is celebrated annually by the member states of the African Union.

The themes and objectives for this year’s celebration are:

  1. Reflect on the function of the public service, its mission and objectives, programmes and projects, successes and challenges.
  2. Provide recognition to and make known the importance of the public service, its positive contribution and benefits to the public servants, civil society, private sector and government.
  3. Motivate and encourage public servants to continue the good work done and to come up with new initiatives and innovations.
  4. Obtain feedback from the citizenry on services rendered; and
  5. Preparations of the public service and administration for a better future by proposing change for the social wellbeing of the population.

DCAS lives the values that support the themes and objectives of this year’s celebrations by reflecting on our vision and goals in preparation of strategic plans; it provides recognition of its activities through promotion and advocacy with its stakeholders and beneficiaries; it motivates its staff to continue the good work through public service appreciation days and recognition of good work through our DCAS newsletters; DCAS obtains feedback from citizens via the provincial contact centre and encourages feedback as part of its service charter commitments.

We would like to thank all DCAS staff for their hard work and dedication to the public service.

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