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African Horse Sickness Outbreak Update

15 April 2014

A second property in Wellington, closer to the Hawequas mountain range near Groenberg, has been confirmed as having a positive African Horse Sickness (AHS) case present. There have been no mortalities on this property.

There are currently a total of 14 confirmed AHS properties in the outbreak area, with a total of 40 cases and seven deaths as a result of the virus. Two of the confirmed properties are near Wellington in the AHS surveillance zone.

Two 10 km surveillance zones have been demarcated around the Wellington cases and officials have been and will continue to perform clinical surveillance and census in that area.

We remind owners that vaccination against AHS in the AHS surveillance zone is only to be performed after the required permissions from State Vet Boland (021 808 5253) have been obtained.

Information regarding the movement of horses can be obtained from the relevant area’s State veterinarian.

It is currently unknown when the containment zone and control measures will be relaxed.

There has been another AHS case in the Uniondale area of the Western Cape which is thought to be unrelated to the current situation in the Porterville/Wellington area. Uniondale falls within the AHS infected zone of South Africa. In this case clinical signs of the more typical lung form of the disease were seen.

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