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Minister Bredell Wrap's up Fire and Flood Awareness Campaign

21 November 2013
The Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning Anton Bredell, through its Western Cape Disaster Management Centre (WCDMC), will honour the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) and Lifesaving South Africa by handing over two cheques as part of the annual financial assistance from the Western Cape Government. 
The cheque handover ceremony will take place at Protea Park Primary School in Atlantis on Friday, 22 November 2013 at 10:00.
Event Purpose is Two-fold
To handover the cheques to the two non-profit organisations, NSRI and Lifesaving South Africa.
Wrap up the Fire and Flood Awareness campaign which resulted in 25 successful visits to rural and vulnerable schools throughout the Western Cape from 31 October - 20 November 2013.
Background to the Events
  • Fire and Flood Awareness Campaign Wrap up Show
The Department of Local Government, through its WCDMC conducts a hazard awareness campaign to mitigate the impact of fire and flood related incidents/disasters that cause injury, loss of life, damage to property and displacement of the people.
The annual Fire and Flood Awareness is a priority project of the Department and aims to raise awareness primarily on fire and flood safety in the province, as these are two commonly occurring hazards that bring devastating misery and untold sufferings on the vulnerable people and communities.
In 2013, the Fire and Flood Awareness campaign targeted vulnerable and rural communities, visiting areas where the road-show had not previously reached.  The campaign reached around 16 553 learners across the Western Cape in far outlying rural areas. One of the areas of focus is water related incidents.
  • The Cheque Handover Ceremony
To prevent water-related injuries and drowning, the WCDMC has partnered with NSRI and Lifesaving South Africa in an effort to ensure that we respond promptly and proactively to water related incidents in the Western Cape.
The Lifesaving South Africa and NSRI are non-profit organisations dealing with sea emergency and disaster rescue activities.
The two organisations have made a phenomenal contribution by ensuring that the popular bathing coastlines are drown-free zones. The indirect impact is that Western Cape beaches remain safety havens for communities and tourist during summer seasons.
These organisations depend and operate purely on donations and sponsorships. For many years these two organisations have been receiving annual financial assistance from the Western Cape Government. These funds are not used for responding to incidents, but to educate the public, especially children.
The  WCDMC has for the 2012/13 fiscal year budgeted the amount of R369 000.00 to be transferred to the Lifesaving South Africa and NSRI as a grant for the purposes of rendering effective and efficient sea emergency/disaster rescue activities in the Western Cape.
The grant will further assist these organisations in their efforts of providing a vital service to our communities and as well as to the growing numbers of tourists who are attracted to our beautiful beaches.
During the ceremony on Friday, the fire and flood industrial theatre will be showcased, and a water wise presentation will be done on water safety.
All media are invited to attend. 
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