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Avian Influenza

13 October 2005
The Commission of the European Union Communities has reversed the decision to prevent South African products from entering the European Communities due to the outbreak of the avian influenza in 2004.

The reversal of the decision came after the Minister for Agriculture and Land Affairs Ms Thoko Didiza declared South Africa free from highly pathogenic avian influenza on 13 September 2005, and the OIE recognized this fact.

South Africa has sent a final report on the animal health situation to the Commission with request to amend the decision accordingly. The report shows clearly that the outbreak in the republic has been contained and that the disease is no longer present in the country.

The measures provided in this decision are in accordance with the opinion of the standing Committee on the food Chain Animal Health.

The EU member states shall amend the measures they apply to imports to bring them into compliance with the decision and shall give immediate appropriate publicity to the measures adopted. This means that South Africa is free to do business with all the EU countries as soon as this decision is publicised.

It is on record that this country does not import chicken meat from Turkey.

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