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WC Statement: Severe Weather Warning and emergency numbers

2 July 2018

29 June 2017

Western Cape Disaster Management Centre – Severe Weather Update

The Western Cape Disaster Management Centre has been alerted by the South African Weather Service that adverse weather conditions are expected across large parts of the Western Cape starting over the coming weekend and moving into next week.

Members of the public are advised that an intense cold front is expected. The public and small stock farmers are advised that strong winds over the interior, localised flooding over the south-western Cape, heavy rain in mountainous regions, as well as very cold conditions and possible snowfalls over high-lying areas can be expected. Torrential rain, and strong winds along the coast and over land is to be expected as well as heavy snowfall in some areas.

The Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, Anton Bredell says while the province welcomes the wet weather, the concern is that the conditions may cause severe disruptions and possibly endanger lives of the public and animals exposed to the elements.

“Some of the associated risks during bad weather like this includes mudslides and informal settlement fires. We want to advise the public to use extreme caution when traveling in the Western Cape or if exposed to the weather over the next few days.”

Provincial as well as Municipal Disaster Management Centres will be fully operational with officials on standby 24/7. These centres can be activated immediately should the need arise.

“The public is advised to contact their closest disaster management centre as quickly as possible should an emergency occur.  The easiest number to remember to call in an emergency is 112. This number can be dialled toll-free from any cell phone. We are also calling on communities to cooperate with local authorities and emergency response personnel in the event of any emergency.”

In case of emergency other relevant numbers to call are:

Cape Winelands Municipality                              021 888 5837

Eden District:                                                             044 805 5071

Central Karoo:                                                          023 414 2603

West Coast:                                                               022 433 8700

Overberg:                                                                 028 271 8111

City of Cape Town:                                                 107 landline or 021 480 7700

Flooding related Tip Sheet

How Can I Prepare for a Flood?

  • Identify the risk in your local area.

  • Prepare a home emergency plan, and identify risks around your home.

  • Remove leaves (from downpipes or gutters) or any other items that can increase the risk of flooding in your area.

  • Have an evacuation plan. Everyone in your family has to know where to go to find shelter.

  •  Prepare an emergency toolkit. This should include a first aid kit, torch and portable radio with batteries, candles and waterproof matches, drinking water, a multi-tool, whistle and emergency contact numbers.


    What Should I do during a flooding?

  • Monitor current flood warnings. Listen to the radio for emergency warnings, evacuation advice and weather updates.

  • Avoid entering floodwater unless it is necessary, and never underestimate the strength of floodwater, even if you are inside a vehicle.

  • Follow all instructions from emergency authorities.

  • Turn off all electricity and water and take your cellphone with you.

  • Assist elderly and disabled neighbours.


    What Should I do after the flood?

  • Before entering your house, wait until the water has dropped below floor level.

  • Check with electricity and water authorities to know whether it is safe for you to use these resources.

  • Be aware of contamination if water sources have been flooded; this could be unsafe to drink.


Further tips provided by the SAWS:


  • (When moving around outdoors) dress in warm brightly coloured wet weather clothing.

  • If caught unawares by strong wind, barricade windows with wooded panels or strips (or furniture if needs be).

  • If ordered to evacuate do so immediately and in an orderly fashion. Listen to the radio or TV for warnings and obey the instructions from disaster management officers. 


Media Enquiries: 

James-Brent Styan

Spokesperson for the Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, Anton Bredell

Mobile:                   084 583 1670

Telephone:            021 483 2820

E-mail:                    James-Brent.Styan@westerncape.gov.za