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Confirmation – Vaccines save lives!

9 September 2021

This week, the Department presented an overview of the effectiveness of vaccines when it comes to reducing hospitalisation and death.

As a healthcare worker if you are currently unvaccinated, your risk of dying is 1 in 480 compared to 1 in 1490 when vaccinated.

That’s why your risk of death is 3.3 times higher when unvaccinated as a healthcare worker due to your risk of exposure.


WCGH Healthcare Workers HCW Risk of Death


In the general population aged over 60 years, during the week of 14 – 20 August:


Vaccination status of over 60



  • 2455 contracted COVID-19, but
  • 2245 or 92% of people were NOT vaccinated – only 8% of those vaccinated contracted COVID-19



  • 729 people over the age of 60 required hospitalization, but
  • 699 or 96% were NOT vaccinated – only 4% of those vaccinated required hospitalization



  • 292 people over the age unfortunately died due to COVID-19, but
  • 287 or 98.3% were NOT vaccinated – only 1.7% of those vaccinated died due to other complications and not the vaccine


The effectiveness of the vaccines, and how they reduce your risk of ending up in hospital or dying from COVID-19, could not be illustrated in a  clearer manner. This is why we continue to engage communities and continue to encourage people to take up vaccination to protect themselves and save their lives. 

If you are unsure about whether you should get vaccinated, consult your local doctor or healthcare worker and ask questions. We understand there are some understandable concerns, but the emerging local (and international) data presents very clear evidence that the vaccine will offer you excellent protection against severe COVID-19 disease and will save lives.