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Local female staff on the importance of vaccination

16 August 2021

The Western Cape Province shows early signs of the third wave plateauing. Data shows that people over the age of 50 are now at highest risk for admissions and for death in any subsequent waves if we look at admissions and deaths to date. In this category for George there is only 49% registered persons for the age group 50 – 59 years and 68% for 60 years and older.

Fifty-five-year-old Melanie Marthinus, a healthcare workers and also the primary healthcare manager for the sub-district was vaccinated in March. She tested positive for COVID in July and says she believes that her vaccination made her symptoms milder and her recovery quicker. “I am hypertensive and had my thyroid removed and I am on treatment, so I knew I had to get vaccinated to protect myself from severe illness. This also shows that you can still get COVID and transmit it to others when vaccinated but you are better protected from severe illness and death.

Health teams have been working around the clock to mobilise communities to register and to be vaccinated. Health staff have organised information sessions with municipal workers and other groups to discuss their concerns regarding the vaccine and debunk any myths. Religious leaders as well as community leaders have come on board to encourage their members to vaccinate.

“Now more than ever we need vaccine ambassadors to neutralise misinformation and encourage people to get vaccinated. We need everyone to mobilise in their communities, places of work, places of worship and any other platforms available to them. The only way that we can prevent another potential wave and loss of live is through vaccination” said Medical Manager Dr Zilla North”.

Patience Shipalane is a nurse at Thembalethu CDC.  She knows the significant risk that the community faces due to poverty, overcrowded housing and limited employment.

Asked why people are reluctant to be vaccinated she said: “People fear the side-effects(which are mostly mild), for some it is against their beliefs as well as fake news and misinformation regarding the vaccine which creates distrust”.

Patience implores the community to get vaccinated to reduce deaths and admissions in possible future waves. “Remember to continue to wear your mask, wash or sanitize your hands and avoid crowded places”. She also reminds the community that that they must quarantine if they have symptoms and isolate properly when testing positive.

Geroge registration percentages are low in the younger age groups.
60 years and older:
68 % ;
50 – 59 years 49%;
35-49 years 36%

Organisations and businesses are welcome to contact our health team on 044 814 1125 if you are in need of information sessions for your staff. We are able to accommodate groups of 50.

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