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Residents at the Haven Night Shelter get vaccinated

4 August 2021

On Tuesday 3 August, Western Cape Government Health teams from the Southern and Western Sub-structure increased their efforts to reach marginalised and vulnerable community members by vaccinating residents of the Haven Night Shelter in Retreat.

Mr Aubrey Marais, 53, was vaccinated and shared that it was smooth and easy. “I was so happy to get it. I wanted to be protected as I move about and it’s going to be good for my own well-being”.  Mr Marais, a painter, had left home to visit family outside of Cape Town and upon returning had found his home dwelling vandalised and taken apart.  “It has been devastating.  To lose everything that I had.  It has been a month that I have been trying to sort this out, but I am happy to be here for now while waiting. I am working hard to try and get some materials to paint, as it’s such a core part of who I am.”

Sr Ilhaam Higgins shares, “It’s always rewarding to help the community. I find that in many of the places we visit, our clients are disadvantaged, in some way or another, and so it means a lot to me to do my part in bringing these much needed services to them.” 

Mr Theo Kok shared that when the facility manager asked who would be interested in being vaccinated, he jumped at the opportunity. “I wasn’t scared at all.  I just wanted to get it sorted so that I can protect myself.” 

Carmen Dickenson, Manager at Retreat Night Shelter, shares that at present the shelter houses 65 clients.  “We believe that no one should be on the street.  We made contact with the Health Department to ask if they could assist with vaccinations.  Our clients are out each day trying to find work to earn a living. So this is to protect them, protect our staff and their families.  The Health Department was quite willing and we called our other branches for their clients to join as well.  I would say today has been a great success.  Everyone has been friendly, helpful and accommodating.  It has been awesome thus far.”

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